Important deadlines

• Abstract submission opens | 18th of January
• Abstract submission closes | 18th of February
• Author notification date | 30th of April
• Registration deadline for presenting authors | 1st of August

• Late poster deadline | 1st of August
• Late poster acceptance notification | 8th of August

How to submit your abstract

Authors are highly recommended to use the below provided templates for preparing their abstracts. If authors wish to use e.g. LATEX to prepare their abstracts the style formatting described in the template files still needs to be followed. For the submission, the abstract file needs to be in a .pdf-format!

Special session

Authors interested in submitting their abstract for a special session need to mark it into the abstract on the topic field. Additionally, add at least one other topic from the conference topics list.

Conference topics

Up to three (3) conference topics can be added to an abstract (e.g., 2.4, 1.6, 3.5). 

NOTE! The first given topic will be used for reviewing the abstract, and the others are used to define the topic of the abstract further.

The list of topics and special sessions can be found here.

Presentation preference

You can choose your preferred presentation format during the submission process between Oral, Poster and No Preference.
Priority preference for oral presentation: If there are multiple submissions for an oral presentation from the same research group, you are encouraged to indicate the order they are to be considered for an oral presentation slot (e.g., 1, 2, 2, 3). Equal preference can be shown with repeats of the same number.


Authors should not submit multiple similar subject matter containing abstracts for oral presentations. It is recommended that the oral presentation is chosen for the most general abstract, and more specific ones would be covered as poster presentations.

Templates for abstract preparation

• Format .PDF
• Format .ODT
• Format .DOCX

Submit your abstract (in PDF format)

Late poster abstract submission

If you wish to apply for a late poster, please prepare a 300 word free-form abstract detailing your work that you wish to present. Submit you abstract by sending it to email address by 1st of August with [EAC2024 late poster] at the start of the email subject line.


  • Late posters will only be granted to already registered participants.
  • Only 1 late poster will be accepted per author.
  • Late poster abstracts will not be part of the conference proceedings due to time constraints.
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